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During the start of Russia's cruel and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, I decided to do my little part by switching my email provider from Yandex.Mail to Disroot. But due to Disroot's lackluster support and some dominant position exploit by a couple of big corps, I'm now switching back.


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LinuxFX, a commercial Linux distribution designed to mimic Microsoft Windows' desktop and user experience, has been hit with a data leak, which revealed that the OS collects the users' IP addresses and geodata. Here is my opinion on the matter as a LinuxFX user.



With Facebook's totally not suspicious rebranding to Meta, and with a lot of marketing put into advertising this thing called Metaverse, there has been some confusion about what it is. In this article, I will cover what it is, and how it's not the way out of big tech's control. I will also talk about the Fediverse, a community-run network that does what Facebook claims to do, but better.


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I've been using Linux for a while now, and my go-to plaintext editor has always been Geany. I've always used it to edit all kinds of plaintext files, like configs, school notes, etc., but before a couple of days ago I had never seen it as a proper IDE.


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Here I am, almost at midnight, and I've just finished setting up WriteFreely. I really think this has the potential to be a cool place for me to express my thoughts, write some organic content and be creative.