Hello! I'm MassiveBox, and welcome to my blog.

I've set up this space for myself as a mean to express my thoughts and tell my stories without the limits and the worries carried by the microblogging platforms I'm already on.

I intend to run this blog as my own space, not just as a random news website on the internet. For that reason, you will see only the topics that peak my interest, always with my own prespective on things.

This site is not a business. No links are sponsored, I don't get paid for views, and there are absolutely zero ads and tracking scripts. I have no incentive to write clickbait articles. I run this website entirely out of my pocket, since the cost is negligible.

I'm not a writer. I'm not a native English speaker either. I often make mistakes that slip by my admittedly poor QA procedures. I hope you will enjoy the content regardless, and I hope you will report to me my errors and suggest ways to improve.

I'm a person. I have preferences, a style, political opinions, and more. I know my views are not universal. This blog was never meant to be objective.