Yes! A blog!

#introduction #update

Here I am, almost at midnight, and I've just finished setting up WriteFreely. I really think this has the potential to be a cool place for me to express my thoughts, write some organic content and be creative.

I'll host here some different stuff from my usual Fediverse content. This is the perfect place for long media, while Mastodon, Pleroma and other platforms center around the idea of light and short information.

I'm not fully sure what I will be posting here, some things I have in mind are: – Articles that present software I recommend going into details – Personal takes on tech news – Guides and tutorials for stuff with little documentation online – Privacy tips – Updates on my personal projects / “in the making” kind of stuff (not only tech-related) – And more!

Of course my activity here depends on how much time I have left from school and all kinds of other shenanigans I have.
But I really hope I'll get to post more here soon!

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